H.O.P.E. Centre ( home of practical education)

The HOPE Centre (Home of Practical Education) was launched in the Fall of 2017. This Centre provides holistic programming to restore hope for all members of the family (women, men and children). The vision of the HOPE Centre was built from both our own experience at Drummond House and a need seen in our own community. Unfortunately, our community has little accessible programming for families emerging from oppression. This idea was confirmed with a feasibility study conducted in partnership with World Vision. The study identified a need for more outreach to assist families. The community at large benefits from the programming offered at the HOPE Centre, as there are countless individuals who find themselves needing support which they can easily access.

At the HOPE Centre, staff and volunteers walk shoulder to shoulder with these individuals helping them develop appropriate goals and connecting them with our own programs and/or to other appropriate services in our community.

Currently the programs being offered at the Centre include:

Counselling– Certified professionals offer therapy to men and women looking for help with personal matters.

Coaching- Trained coaches provide support, accountability and guidance to men and women looking to make changes or develop areas of growth in their lives.

Boundaries Course– A nine week course that encourages individuals when to say yes, how to say no, and to take control of their life. Participants learn that having clear boundaries is essential to a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Career Workshop– A three week workshop designed to help develop career goals, build a resume, determine skill sets, help prepare for an interview and much more!

Financial Assistance– Meet one on one for a confidential evaluation of your finances and have an individualize budget created. Other financial education and services are offered upon request and availability.

Relationship Course– An eight week course that gives participants practical ideas on how to communicate more effectively and problem solve with your partner. Participants are given a Tool Kit of strategies to deal with those sticky relationship issues that seem to keep coming up time after time. Sessions will be educational and interactive.

Prayer Room & Workshops: Individuals or small groups can book the HOPE Centre Prayer Room for an hour or a day. The peaceful ,serine room is ideal for quiet prayer time. There are also interactive prayer stations and activities set up. Throughout the year, there are also workshops that provide a deeper understanding of prayer and it’s different forms of practice.

HEART Program: The HEART Program (Healing Emotional Abuse though Art) is program that encourages children to label their feelings and work through their individual situation by using different expressive art activities.

The programs at the HOPE Centre are available to anyone in our community who is in need of the services we offer. Some of the programs have an intake interview. For more information on programming please contact the office 905.689.8721 or email info@eaglesnestofwaterdown.com

 H.O.P.E. Centre Address: 606 Dundas St E Waterdown, ON L8B 0G7