Drummond House News

Drummond House said goodbye to its last residents in the summer of 2019. We are incredibly grateful to the Drummond family for giving us the use of this beautiful home for over 15 years and for the lives transformed within its walls.  We got the opportunity to thank the Drummonds for their contribution to our work at a celebration at the House in September.

Will There Be a New House?

We get asked this a lot.  Our heart has always been to equip people with the tools to move to a healthier place.  We are continuing the work we started at Drummond House at the HOPE Centre.  We are providing the same supports as we did before, just without the housing component.


Closing Drummond House was not our decision but was because the Drummond family had other plans for the house.  That said, the need for transitional housing has not diminished, in fact we still get calls every week.  For the moment we are focusing on our work at the HOPE Centre and reflecting on everything we have learned while running Drummond House.  We are not in a position to open a new house at the moment but we do know that God has provided in the past, we live in a generous community and we are hopeful for new opportunities in the future.

What Do You Do at the HOPE Centre Anyway?

We provide all the same services that we did at Drummond House, and more.  We offer coaching, counselling, and educational courses.  However unlike Drummond House, we offer pre-crisis support as well.  We know that with these tools, families can head in new directions.

What does this look like? Click Here to check out the Services and Support page. These programs are available for anyone in the community.