Drummond House is the first project of Eagle’s Nest Association of Waterdown, Ontario. It was birthed by Debra Tigchelaar who had a vision to have a “home” for women and their children during a time of distress. Debra shared this vision years later to Ross and Linda Drummond who own a large century home on an apple farm in Waterdown, Ontario.

After speaking to Debra, they opened their arms and heart to her and donated their home to the vision God had placed on her heart. That home is now called “DRUMMOND HOUSE”. It is a transitional home for women and children in need.

The planning began in August 2002 and home opened in the fall of 2005.

Debra believes God placed this vision on her heart due to the tremendous need she herself was in as well as the awareness of the needs of others. He answered her prayers to begin this work. Praise God!