About Us

Eagles Nest knows that things don’t have to stay the same.  For 15 years we have been working in our community, equipping families with the tools to change their future for the better.

Drummond House

The first project started by Eagles Nest was Drummond House - a Christian transitional home for women and children. Drummond House began from a vision our founder, Debra Tigchelaar, had to provide a home for women and children during a time of crisis. In 2002, Ross & Linda Drummond donated the use of their large century home on Drummond Farms. For over three years, teams of volunteers renovated the house and funds were raised to open the home in 2005. While staying at the House, women and children were given the support and time needed to rebuild their strength - emotionally, physically and spiritually.

In early 2019 the Drummond family advised us that we would no longer be able to use the house.  In the summer of 2019 our last residents graduated and in September 2019 we said goodbye to a house that had been the site of countless transformations.  Although this closure was not in our plans, the work that we started at Drummond House continues at the HOPE Centre.

The HOPE Centre

The second project of Eagles Nest is the HOPE Centre (Home of Practical Education).

For many years it had been clear to Eagles Nest that the needs in the community were not confined to those who needed transitional housing.  There were families that didn't need a place to stay, but did need the counselling, coaching and educational classes that were previously only provided to Drummond House residents. Eagles Nest also recognized that there were men in our community who need similar support.  A vision for a centre offering practical, accessible support for the entire community was born.

God opened many doors to make this vision a reality. Bethel Church donated the use of their former rectory and funds were raised for renovations and new resources to start a Centre. In the fall of 2017 the HOPE Centre was opened and today provides services and supports to the entire community.  It also contains the main offices of Eagles Nest.

Rescued & Restored

The other project of Eagles Nest is Rescued & Restored. Started in 2010, this project is a reuse centre designed to financially support the programs of Eagles Nest. Located in Freelton in a 6,000 square foot showroom, Rescued & Restored sells gently used furniture and household items that have been donated by the local community. The profits from Rescued & Restored support over 40 per cent of Eagles Nest’s budget.