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The Eagles Nest Association of Waterdown provides several services for women in crisis. Some of the services offered include:

  • Individual programs
  • Coaching – financial, career, parenting
  • Spritual guidance
  • Group work
  • Self-esteem training
  • Connections with community services

These services can have a profound positive impact on the lives of our clients. Watch the video and read the testimonial below to learn more about Drummond House. If you think we can help you, then please contact us.


In the Arms of Love

My story is about an ordinary person and an extrordinary God. A God who answers before we call.

I experience a period of great brokenness. In the midst of overwhilming anxiety, I yearned for a place of safety. As my difficulties increased, one image kept returning.

There were two parts to the picture. First, it was a farmhouse in which I could find refuge. Second, I would be surrounded by people who knew the truth about what I had suffered. This was a place where I would be known. Where I could rest. Where I could finally, truly heal.

I dismissed these longings as wishful thinking. Little did I know that they were glimpses sent by God. In my most desperate moment, someone said to me ” I know of a place. It’s a farmhouse…..”
Despite my despair, I felt a flicker of hope.

That hope grew. When I first spoke with Debra and visited Drummond House. I was overwhelmed. clearly God had prepared me for this place. Fearful as I was, God knew that I needed reassurance that He had seen my need. He himself had given me the longing for the place of safety that he had provided for me. He had not abandoned me. Even though I felt like I had been pushed off a dark cliff, I had fallen into the arms of God.

When I first became a resident, my coach encouraged me to see myself as a sparrow in God’s nest.

Although my trust had been shattered, it began to be slowly rebuilt, shard by shard. I could see God’s fingerprints on the pieces. Over and over, God used Debra and the volunteers to speak exactly what I needed to hear. Slowly, gently, I began to mend. I needed to learn to let my heart- not just my head-trust in God.

I am grateful for Debra’s Tigchelaar’s God-planted dream. Grateful, too, for those who have in any way contributed to this place of miracles. Their work affects the world in much larger ways than they could know. Drummond House is saturated with practical love. Those who come through its doors are offered truth, security, healing, and rest. Each life that is transformed plants seeds. Each seed holds the potential for growth in countless generations to come.

The tall trees outside the house reminded me that I am sustained by the steady faithfulness of God and surrounded by the prayers of God’s people. I have been learning to rest in this sturdy, sheltering love. To believe that although storms may swirl around me, I am covered by God’s hand.

Parts of my life story had seemed beyond God’s reach. Drummond House showed me the God that brought me here cares for me. The story of my life is not yet finished. He is still at work in my life, planting dreams, and sowing seeds of faith. Who knows what plans He has yet in store for me? For Drummond House? I am starting to have renewed hope that they are “abundantly far more than all we can ask or imagine.” To God be the glory to all generations. (Ephesians 3:20,21)

Why We Exist

There is a huge need. Waiting lists for subsidized housing can be 2-4 years. Children and mothers that are in high risk situations are often living in inappropriate conditions. 21% of single-parent families are living in poverty and are at risk of becoming homeless.

We want to provide hope.

Contact Us

To make a referral or for intake information, please call 905-689-8721 or email