Drummond House

Drummond House is a Christian transitional home for women and children. We offer rest and support for women from all walks of life who, for various reasons, need a place to stay. This home is a safe place for healing and restoration.

Nestled in the countryside, Drummond House is place of sanctuary for the families. The Drummond House Program provides the time and space required to facilitate inner growth and peace. Our residents receive an individualized program which includes coaching, counselling, parenting, practical assistance, and housing support. We also offer the HEART program (Healing Emotional Abuse through Art) to the children, helping them express their emotions and the opportunity to receive individual assistance. The average stay is 3 – 6 months which allows time for the women to restore their strength emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually, as well as have time to practice learned new skills in a safe place. The ideal location also allows the women to take daily walks, children to explore the outdoors and for families to enjoy the beauty and stillness of the countryside.

Drummond House is a place where lives are changed. One resident shared with us that you can not exit Drummond House the same way you entered. We are thankful that this a home where hope is restored

“I believe that no person should be in a place of making life changing decisions while in a state of crisis. With rest, love and encouragement in a supportive environment, the journey toward healthy choices for a women and the future of her children can be nurtured.”
Debra Tigchelaar, Executive Director

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