Drummond House

In 2005, Drummond House welcomed the first resident. Since that date, this home has provided a safe place of rest and support for countless women and children during a time of distress. One woman describes how her time at Drummond House gave the opportunity to discover her true identity, and no longer allow lies and shame to control her life. When families graduate from the program, we celebrate these incredible transformations and the hope that has been restored in broken lives. Families leave with a purpose and new dreams.

At the beginning of Fall 2019, we made an important announcement about Eagles Nest. For more than 15 years the Drummond family generously gifted us the use of their home to operate Drummond House. This home was not only the launching point for Eagles Nest, but has become the place of safety and hope for many families. After December 2019, we will no longer be able to use the home due to expansions on Drummond Farms. Although this was not in our plans, we are trusting God as we walk out this next phase and are confident He has great plans ahead for the future. We continue to be extremely grateful for the time we have had in this home.

As we consider what is next, we are carefully assessing the current needs of vulnerable women and children, along with reflecting on what we have learned operating a transitional home over the last 15 years. We are challenging ourselves to consider how we can be more effective and efficient. During this time of transition, our team is committed to continue investing into the programs at the HOPE Centre, by building partnerships with other professionals and organizations to both enrich and expand our current support.